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DORIS CHIA (CDX100028158)

From the moment she became an insurance agent, Doris knew that her role was to offer the best financial advice to safeguard the future of her clients.

It all started when Doris discovered that the people close to her were buying insurance policies on their own, but not making the best choices. They did not trust insurance agents to have their best interests at heart, and avoided consulting them. However, Doris realized that the wrong policies could put people in a disadvantageous position in years to come.

After much soul-searching, Doris embarked on her career in insurance to make sure that the people who mattered most to her were well protected. She undertook to guide her clients in making sound financial plans.

In 1990, Doris joined Khoon Guan’s team at Great Eastern Life and has been an integral part of his team since then. She has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table award several times in her career.

Doris is one of the shareholders and co-founders of Jordan Huebner. Being an independent financial advisor enables her to offer superior financial products available in the market, for the benefit of her clients.

The veteran financial advisor exudes warmth and a readiness to help. Doris focuses on her clients’ needs and draws on her rich experience to put the right plans in their hands.

Doris Chia works from the heart, and is passionately dedicated to safeguarding her clients’ well-being. She devotes her time to her family, friends and clients. With over 15 years of experience, Doris has always found her work to be immensely satisfying.

If you have any comments regarding the service provided by DORIS, please email them to info@jordanhuebner.com.sg

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DORIS is very good in her work. She is very informative and helpful. She even helps me to process my claims on policies that were previously purchased through another agent. I have known Doris for over 10 years, since her days at Great Eastern Life. Over the years, Doris has proven herself, time and time again. In fact, she has become a good friend to me.

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