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By her second year at Prudential, Jaz Goh had joined the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table and was looking at over $100,000 worth of confirmed commissions pouring in over the next 2-3 years. Then she did the unthinkable, she decided to forego the princely sum of money and switched jobs. She became a financial advisor with Jordan Huebner.

Jaz had always felt that something was missing with her work at Prudential. Although she was among the best at her level, she was not convinced that her products were necessarily the best in their class. The crunch came when she met an independent financial advisor at a course, and ended up buying products from him instead of her own company. That was when she knew, she had to move. From her school days as an air-rifle marksman, she had always believed in setting her sights right and achieving her targets and goals in life.

Jaz decided that being an independent financial advisor was better for her in the long term as it was a more fulfilling profession since she could offer the best-of-breed products to her customers and not be limited to the products of a tied agency.

Sacrificing her six-figure sum, Jaz joined Jordan Huebner in 2002 as a financial advisory representative. Today, she has over six years of experience in the financial planning industry. She has very good people skills and provides excellent customer service. As a result, about 8 in 10 of her sales are made to existing customers or to new customers through referrals.

Jaz takes great responsibility in her work, a trait she has acquired over the years with her supervisory and managerial experience while working in the fashion and retail industry. She enjoys a good game of tennis in her free time and is a dedicated and trusted treasurer at her church. As for the financial advisor who made that significant impact in Jaz’s life, she married him and they now work together at Jordan Huebner.

If you have any comments regarding the service provided by JAZ, please email them to info@jordanhuebner.com.sg

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JAZ GOH is an outstanding financial advisor. I am very pleased with her friendliness, professionalism and efficiency. She is very pleasant to speak to and has always been very timely in coming back to me with her recommendations of products whenever I make the request. What I really like is that she knows her product range very well and really makes the effort to look into customizing the right solutions to meet my requirements.

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