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TAY SWEE MENG (TSM100031028)

With almost a dozen years of experience in the finance industry, half of which as a remisier and the other half as a financial advisor, Swee Meng brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. As an ex-remisier, he has excellent market knowledge to offer his customers a more holistic understanding of investments. As a Certified Financial Planner, he is able to offer sound advice on getting the right products that meet his customers’ holistic needs.

Swee Meng handles all forms of financial products, including corporate products such as employee benefits, “keyman” insurance, medical insurance and other group insurance products.

Swee Meng is also the Compliance Officer of the company. He leaves no stones unturned to ensure that the firm’s operations and work processes are in strict compliance with the various legal and regulatory requirements.

If you have any comments regarding the service provided by SWEE MENG, please email them to info@jordanhuebner.com.sg



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