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As financial advisors, we specialize in all aspects of financial planning, as compared to stockbrokers who only deal with equities, and insurance agents who generally only sell insurance. In Singapore, all financial advisors must be licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and have to comply with strict legal and regulatory requirements.

Unlike traditional life insurance agents who are tied to selling products of one insurer, we are able to offer a wide range of products, both in breadth and in depth, to ensure clients are able to get the best value and best product fit.

We take a holistic and proven methodological approach to helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Although investment is an important part of financial planning, wealth accumulation in itself is not the ultimate goal.

As financial advisors, our duty is to help our clients better manage their financial goals so they can have better control over their lives. We help our clients analyse their goals and aspirations and then recommend customized solutions from a wide range of products to help meet their needs.

At Jordan Huebner, we deal with many areas, including:

  • CHILD EDUCATION — In today’s competitive world, a good education is no longer a good-to-have, it is essential for your child to get a head start in life. Your greatest gift to your child is to provide him with the opportunity to be the best that he or she can be. Life however is uncertain, and if any calamity should befall the parents, the children may be left in the lurch, without sufficient financial support to complete their education. Early planning to secure your child’s education is therefore of paramount importance, especially in light of today’s rising costs of education.

  • ESTATE PLANNING — We advise our clients on estate planning, from preparing their wills to creating trusts, reducing inheritance tax and effectively passing on their inheritance smoothly to their next of kin.

  • RE-FINANCING AND RESTRUCTURING OF LOANS — Many homeowners are paying high interest rates on their housing loans. By re-financing the housing loan, you can reduce your financing rate and enjoy substantial savings in the long term.

  • RETIREMENT PLANNING — By 2030, one in five Singaporeans will be above the age of 65. With this greying population, the responsibility to support the elderly will rest on the working population of the future - your children. You need to plan early for your retirement to avoid being a heavy burden for your children when the time comes. Today, advances in medical science are helping people to live longer, though not necessarily healthier. You need to think about rising medical costs as well as the lifestyle and standard of living that you would like to continue living after retirement. You need to start planning now to ensure you will have a golden retirement.

  • INVESTMENT PLANNING — Equities, bonds, funds and unit trusts are all different creatures of investments with different pros and cons. We can help you choose the right investment products that match your risk profiles and needs.

  • TAX MANAGEMENT — It is a criminal offence to evade taxes, but not if you avoid them. Tax avoidance is the tactics of arranging your finances such that you minimise your tax liabilities and maximise your income and profits. There are many strategies to reduce your personal income taxes and our consultants are able to provide practical tips and consultancy to lower your tax payable.
  • EMPLOYEE BENEFITS — There are many benefits in investing in a group insurance for your employees. These can include medical care, life and disability care for your employees and even their families. Such plans can improve the desirability of working in your company and attract top talent to your business. Because of economies of scale, you will be able to provide insurance coverage to you and your employees at a much lower cost than if purchased individually. You also increase the likelihood of staff retention, especially if your competitors do not offer similar care. Employee morale is boosted and you can deduct the premiums as a business expense against your tax.

  • RISK MANAGEMENT — Risk management is an important facet of everyone’s life and is one of the main areas that we specialize in. Risk management focuses on taking steps to cushion yourself, your family and your assets against unforeseen events and circumstances that would otherwise take a financial toll on you and your family. <MORE>

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