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Risk management is an important facet of everyone’s life and is one of the main areas that we specialize in. Risk management focuses on taking steps to cushion yourself, your family and your assets against unforeseen events and circumstances that would otherwise take a financial toll on you and your family.

There are FIVE main areas of risk management :


“Living too long” refers to the situation when one enjoys long life well beyond the retirement age. The issue then is whether you have accumulated sufficient wealth to enable you to continue living at a certain expected lifestyle level in your golden years. You need to also consider medical and healthcare costs, especially those that require regular treatment.


“Dying too soon” is a financial risk to one’s family, especially if that person is the main or sole breadwinner of your family. With the sudden stoppage of income, it may affect your children’s education and the livelihood of your family. With the right life insurance and children education products, you are able to counter this risk and help your family fulfill their dreams, long after you have left this world.


Total and permanent disability is the situation where an illness or accident has left someone with a reduced capacity to earn a living. This could be due to loss of sight or loss or limbs or other parts of the body. The risk here is that the affected person needs to continue to provide for himself and his family.


Healthcare and medical expenses are escalating globally. Many people cannot afford the high costs of surgery or hospitalization in a serious illness or accident. It gets worse when it is a prolonged illness like cancer or kidney failure, which requires regular treatment to keep the person alive.

Health and medical insurance can help mitigate the high costs of medical care. Some life insurance policies also have critical illness clauses, where the incidence of an event like a heart bypass or cancer gives the policy owner the right to claim for the value of the life insurance policy.


Personal accident & third party liability policies insure your risk to third parties. For example, if your casement windows falls down and injures someone, or your car collides into a cyclist while on the road.

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